How to..

Begin game by selecting number of players and clicking on "Start".

To play or move a domino: Hover over center of domino and single click on a domino to select it (the outline will turn purple when the domino is selected). Then, hover over and single click on the area on the Game Board where it is to be placed.

Double-click on a domino to rotate it 90°. Each successive click will rotate it an additional 90°.

If a player cannot place a domino from his hand, he will click on the "Draw" button in his player tray on the Game Board to draw a domino.

If a player cannot place a domino after drawing, his train is "open". He will click on his train token to select it and then click on the last domino of his train to place it there. When he has played a domino, his train is "closed". He will return the train token to its original position.

The "Mexican Train" starts from the sombrero above the starter domino.

When a round is completed, click on the "End Round" button to score the round. To play the next round, click on the "Next Round" button.

Player Card

Each player will open the corresponding Player Card on a device and input the "Deck #" displayed on the Game Board.

Each player will single click the dominoes with the numbers that correspond to those in his tray on the Game Board to move them to his hand.

Players may move the dominoes in their hand to the lower section of the Player Card to plan their next moves.

Players may move the dominoes from their hand/lower section to the "Played Dominoes" area when they have played them on the Game Board.

To start a new round, simply input the new deck number in "Deck #" field.

Press F5 or refresh page to start a new game

Press F11 (PC only) to play full screen