How to..

Select 2-6 players to start game (a computer player will be added as a third player, if necessary).

To move pawns/weapons: Click on a pawn/weapon to select, then single click on a destination to move it.

To make an accusation, click on "Make Accusation" button and select cards. Click on "Make Accusation" button to submit guess.

TWO-PLAYER GAME: If opponent does not have any cards from your guess, click on "Ask Computer" button in your card tray. Select cards and click "Ask Computer".

Player Card

Each player will open a Player Card on another device.

Input the Deck # indicated on the Game Board and click "Continue".

Select the same players selected on the Game Board and click "Next".

Select the suspect you will be using in the game and click "Continue".

Select ALL of the cards that correspond to the cards in your hand on the Game Board in your player tray and click "Start Game".

You may make annotations on the "Detective Notes" to keep track of your conclusions.

IMPORTANT: When receiving/giving information from/to other players/the computer confirm that you are looking at the numbers in the correct player section.