Terrain tiles and harbor tiles have been sorted and placed randomly on the board.

Player Cards

Each player will open a Player Card on a device, select his Player Number and input the Deck # displayed on the main Game Board.

Game Play

Game play proceeds according to normal Catan rules.

When Resource Cards are earned, each player will click on the resources on his Player Card to move them to the “Earned Resources” section. (If desired, a banker can manually track the resources to ensure that no more than 25 resources cards of a product are distributed.)

When spending Resource Cards, players will click on the cards in the “Earned Resources” section to remove them.

When Development Cards are purchased, click on the pile on the Game Board to select a card, then click on the corresponding player tray. On his Player Card, the player will select the corresponding numbered Development Card to move it to the “Purchased Development Cards” section.

NOTE: To magnify a purchased Development Card, either right click on it (PC) or press and hold on card until the image is magnified (phones/tablets).

When spending a Development card, double click or right click (PC only) on the card on the Game Board to reveal its value. On the Player Card on his device, the player can click to select the played card. To move it, click in the appropriate area (either return it to the deck above or move it to the “Played Soldier Cards” section.